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Mid-Century Pop, Bossa Nova, Melodic Jazz, Classic Swing, and The Unexpected

Twang Shui reintroduces ‘square pop’ from the vinyl wastlelands and TV screens of the mid-20th century.

NO soft white bread like Elvis, Beatles or Classic Rock here. It’s organic, whole grain, grass fed, BPA-free, crunchy granola, all natural…..

Mid-Century Pop-Jazz – Bossa Nova – Crime Noir – Hot ‘n Cold Swing – Sleepy Romantic Melodies – Chart-toppin’ Hits For Squares. Mancini. Hefti. Jobim. Alpert. Schifrin. Bonfa. Bilk. Adderly. Y’Know.

Think in terms of 3 martini lunches, Cadillac bumper bullets, atomic formica, Black & White TV, and tortoise shell Ray-Bans.

Local to Chig-Waukee: Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Listen In

On A Clear Day
The Girl From Corcovado
Christmastime is Here
Keith Bolog